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Colin Friars-McKay

Colin Friars-McKay

Whats your playoff superstition? The Sea Dogs have a couple

Mar 30 , 2017

Everybody who has played a sport knows all about superstitions.. The way you taped your stick to where you put your gear on the floor or even a playoff beard. I used to never wash the t-shirt I'd play hockey in... 

Sea Dogs goalie Callum Booth taps the goal posts of his net...

Matthew Highmore likes putting his gear on the left side first, his sticks must be lined up a certain way and he must be the last player off the ice after the warm-up.

Patrick Roy had conversations with his goalposts

Eddie “The Eagle” Belfour  refused to let anybody except for himself touch any article of his equipment. he was known to threaten those who came near or touched his equipment.

Gretzky had a couple and was probably could be the most superstitious:

  • He refused to have his hair cut while on the road. The one time he did have it cut, his team lost horribly.

  • In warm up, Gretzky would purposely miss his first shot on net wide right.

  • Following warm-ups, Gretzky would drink select beverages in a particular order. A Diet Coke, water, Gatorade and another Diet Coke.


Sidney Crosby’s superstition is not calling his mother on game days. The three times he has done so has resulted in three significant injuries, a dislocated shoulder, broken foot and shattered teeth.

Joe Nieuwendyk: Ate two pieces of toast with peanut butter before every game.

Brendan Shanahan: Wore his junior hockey shoulder pads in Detroit, listened to Madonna pre-game.

Jocelyn Thibault: Would pour water on his head six and a half minutes before a game.


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