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All over Saint John with the Rock Patrol Cruiser!

Last day on Rock Patrol, Whomp Whomp.

Sep 3 , 2017

No matter what moving forward, a small part of me will always want to ask the question during gatherings and events, “are you rocking out and having a good time?”

A little piece of me wishes I wasn’t leaving Rock 88.9.

Ok maybe a big piece, because being on Rock Patrol (aka, patrolling to make sure everyone is rocking out and having a good time) is literally the best summer job I’ve ever had! …and I’ve had a lot of them.

Rock 88.9 will forever be the best rock radio station in all of Atlantic Canada as far as I’m concerned. ;)



Here is a list of my top highlights during my time on rock patrol:

5) The looks on people’s faces when they can’t think of a song with the word ‘rock’ in it during my infamous Rock of the Atlantic Rock 88.9 rock trivia.

4) During our Construction Crew contest I got to bring a group of construction workers free food and swag every week. ;) ow owwww. Lol

                3) Feeling the love every time I went to the Brundage Point River Centre weekly market. Oh heck, every farmers market for that matter. Queen Square, Kingston, ect….

2) Getting to try Deep Fried Alligator on a stick and also Quail eggs, which are delicious BTW.

1) Rockin out on stage with the house band at the St. Martins Car Show! 


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