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1) He has never waited 15 minutes after finishing a meal before returning to the pool
2) If he were to visit the dark side of the moon, it wouldn’t be dark
3) His mother has a tattoo that says “Son”
4) The circus ran away to join him
5) Superman has PJ's with his logo
6) He can kill two stones with one bird
7) Sharks have a week dedicated to him
8) He bowls overhand
9) He is allowed to talk about the fight club
10) He once won a fist fight, only using his beard
11) Bigfoot tries to get pictures of him
12) He has taught old dogs a variety of new tricks
13) Batman watches Saturday morning cartoons about him
14) Once while sailing around the world, he discovered a short cut
15) His pillow is cool on BOTH sides
16) The police often question him, just because they find him interesting
17) He has inside jokes with people he’s never met
18) Once he ran a marathon because it was “on the way”
19) He is the life of parties that he has never attended
20) He ROCKS OUT every Saturday on the ROCK of Saint John Rock
88.9 from 10a-3p!
.........Stay thirsty RockHeads.

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