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Hi I’m Rebecca. The writer, singer, crafter, and guitar-playing radio personality. I am obnoxiously inquisitive and generally pleasantly dressed. It’s really hard to miss my boisterously pink hair which likes to rotate with variations of aqua.

My favorite thing in life is to make people smile because life is to short! I live by the words ‘The joy’s in the ride’, which I have tattooed on my left foot beside a compass for reference.

I have quite the electric music collection and absolutely LOVE 80’s and 90’s rock, metal, symphonic metal, rockabilly, pop rock, hair metal, classic rock, - basically anything with a rockin’ beat, guitars, drums and glam.

Some of the craziest things I’ve done are:

-Drive across the country – twice.

-Come face to face with wild Grizzly Bears during a Passenger Boat Tour off the coast of Alaska.

-Swimming with 12-foot sturgeon.

I’ve been in Saint John about two years now and it’s the amazing creative people and idiosyncratic music scene that has kept me here.

Favorite New Brunswick saying:

Bob’s your uncle

Biggest Maritime pet peeve:

When people try to give directions by using a reference of something that used to be there.

Favorite Maritime past time: 

Kitchen parties

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